• Scunder®BEC100Scunder®BEC100

    Scunder®BEC100 is the trade name of Benzethonium Chloride with CAS 121-54-0 and more than 99% Purity.

    BEC100 is effective in low concentrations against a wide variety of microorganisms with bactericidal and deodorant action. 

    BEC100 is readily soluble in water and other solvents. 

    It can be formulated into powdered or liquid products for industrial or household sanitizers and disinfectants.

     BEC100 also can be useful in veterinary and proprietary pharmaceutical products

     as preservatives or antimicrobial agents for topical applications.

    More details, pls caontact with our oversea marketing sales representative. sales@scunder.cn 

  • Scunder®CH100BScunder®CH100B

    Scunder®CH100B is the trade name of Chlorhexidine Base with CAS number 55-56-1.

    Chlorhexidine base is used as one key pharmaceutical chemicals.

    Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Chlorhexidine Diacetate and Chlorhexidine Difydrochloride,

    All three useful pharmaceuticals are made from Chlorhexidine.

    Scunder can provide heigh quality Chlorhexidine base.

    More details, pls caontact with  our oversea marketing sales representative. sales@scunder.cn    

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