• Scunder®BDis25CScunder®BDis25C

    Scunder®BDis25C is a new generation of disinfectant with a wide scope of applications in agriculture and food processing plants, logistics, kitchens and so on. BDis25C has outstanding bactericide, fungicide and virucide properties.  

    Its performance and extremely low toxicity make BDis25C the best option in Bio Safety for chicken houses, livestock farming, feed stocks, slaughterhouses, food and feed storage facilities, transport vehicles, food processing units , kitchens and so on.

    BDis25is a very efficient, multipurpose disinfectant with very fast action, even at low concentrations. Because of the chemical nature of BDis25C, it is very safe in handling and application.

    BDis25is practically nautral, but its pH application range is very wide. Its ability to give long-lasting protection puts BDis25C in the top position as a unique disinfectant in providing long-lasting, total bio safety to the user. BDis25C is free of heavy metal and phenol compounds, and any other harmful, toxic or irritant compounds.

    Because of these features, BDis25C is an environmentally friendly product. The outstanding biocide properties of BDis25C are based on the excellent biocide performance of its active substance, Poly hexamethylene guanidine hydrochloride (Herinafter PHMG). PHMG is sequentially charged with positive moieties that are able to decompensate the negative charges present on the cell walls of microorganisms. This action destabilizes the osmotic equilibrium and kills germs quickly. Because of its polymeric nature, BDis25C forms a thin film on the applied surfaces. The biocide action may last between 7 and 10 days in high traffic surfaces, but this action is extended dramatically on surfaces such as walls and ceilings.

    Polyhexamethylene guanidine (CAS No.57028-96-3)has been proclaimed a safe product by the Biocide Directive of the European Union, Annex 2 for the following application areas: human hygiene, public and private health areas, veterinary hygiene, food and feed areas, canned preservatives, film preservatives and drinking water.

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