• PQ60PQ60

    PO60 is the trade name Poly[oxyethylene(Dimethylimino) ethylene(dimethylimino) ethylene dichloride] with CAS 31512-74-0

    Chemical Name: 

    Poly[oxyethylene(Dimethylimino) ethylene(dimethylimino) ethylene dichloride]

    Poly[oxyethylene(Dimethylimino)ethylene(dimethylimino)ethylene dichloride]

    Commercial trade name:

    Bualta; Busan77; WSCP; Mayosperse 60; PQ60

    Polyquaternium 42;

    Polixetonium chloride;


    water treatment biocides, such as Swimming pool algaecide; Metal cutting workings

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